A Look Inside the Effect of Kinems Learning Games [Special Education Research]

In many cases, educators look for opportunities to apply new teaching methods to enhance their student’s learning experience. It is vital to use resources and tactics that encourage children to actively participate in lessons, feel eager to learn more, and achieve their academic goals.

In recent years, gamified technology and multi-sensory learning has been evolving among classrooms to motivate students across a spectrum of learning styles and needs. The big question is though – does engaging technology that blends body movement activities impact a student’s academic performance?

Dr. Jennifer Pankowski, Assistant Professor at New York’s Pace University, had this thought in mind and decided to put Kinems movement-based educational gaming platform to the test for her research study titled, “Using Kinesthetics to Increase Skill Development”. She also presented this study to educational professionals at the 2018 Eastern Educational Research Association Conference.

The goal of her research was to determine if our embodied learning games cause a significant effect on the academic performance across students with learning disabilities. Over the course of one academic year, five students along with their Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), utilized our interactive games during individual 1:1 sessions.

Explore Dr. Pankowski’s research study slideshow for more in-depth details below:

As a result, Dr. Pankowski’s findings revealed that our stimulating educational games demonstrated a positive impact on the students’ performance and skill sets. Here’s a quick preview why:

  • Each student was able to establish an increased proficiency in at least one variable being observed by the instructor. Variable examples include: time of completion, accuracy and difficulty level
  • When our games were consistently used throughout the full course year, the development of each student’s skills, as well as academic performance increased
  • Since the Kinems platform captures data and provides analytics of each student’s performance, it revealed the struggle and potential roadblocks the student experienced, which perhaps could not have been disclosed solely on traditional written observational procedures.

We are honored to have collaborated on this research study and proud to enrich the classroom environment for all children and instructors!

Tell us, does research-based evidence shape the way you teach? You can download more research publications here to view other studies in which our platform has proven to imprint a successful impact on children with special education needs.

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