An Entertaining Twist in Teaching and Learning Plural Nouns

Some students find the concept of plural nouns to be tricky and are normally uncertain of whether to add an “-s”, “-es”, or “-i+es” after regular nouns. Others can’t wrap their head around the fact that several words simply do not follow the steady pattern for making nouns plural – hence making them irregular plurals.

Instead of practicing this complex topic through solely textbook exercises and worksheets – ever thought of teaching your kids plural nouns with an interactive and physical activity? Take your ELA lessons to new heights by playing our engaging educational game that brings the entertainment of game show trivia into the classroom – explore Suffizz!

Just as learning any other language - it’s not a piece of cake keeping up and memorizing every syntax rule. Let’s not forget there are exceptions too! With Suffizz, children can effectively learn how to identify plural nouns, as well as understand the most common English suffixes and when to apply them in sentences through sensory movement exercises.

Since this educational game is inspired by popular coveted game shows such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, kids have the chance to answer fun grammar-focused questions through a playful active learning session to help strengthen their knowledge of nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and their functions.

But wait, there’s more! Suffizz covers an array of ELA based goals for grades K-3, so if you’re not focusing on plural nouns, there’s more active learning exercises surrounding English grammar within the game. Explore all the goals and skills Suffizz can help your children excel in here:

Get ready to turn into an educational game show host for the day and motivate your young learners to put on their thinking caps to take on the Suffizz grammar learning challenge!

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