High Frequency Words: Ready, Set, Action!

For children in kindergarten and first grade, building and maintaining strong reading skills is essential. Teachers often provide students with a list of high frequency, or sight words to memorize. By committing these most commonly used words to memory, students will later have an easier time understanding the grammar rules that govern them, and can transition to reading longer, more complex words.

Check out these Kinems games that can help make memorizing high frequency words fun and interactive:

UnBoxIt is a memory matching game with categories ranging from colors and animals, to verbs and adjectives. It is a great way for students in kindergarten and first grade to practice reading and recognizing high frequency words, as well as their antonyms. The setup of the game allows children to practice both their midline crossing, and their memorization skills. Kinems’ built in progress monitoring system records how long the student took to complete the board, as well as how many attempts were made before completion.

Suffizz is your go to game for all things grammar. With multiple game settings, it’s great for students in kindergarten, all the way through fourth grade. This gameshow style activity asks children to answer questions using the correct high frequency word, therefore testing not only memorization, but also proper application. Once these words have been mastered, the game progresses with the student to more advanced topics, including plurals, verb tenses, and parts of speech. Because the student has to physically “grab” the correct answer and place it in the sentence, they are practicing midline crossing in addition to grammar skills. The system records the student’s correct and incorrect responses, as well as the time it took to answer each question, allowing teachers to better assess which areas are causing difficulty.

Trenkins is an engaging game that helps students practice spelling high frequency words. It puts a twist on the classic exercise of writing words repeatedly to memorize their spelling. Similar to hop scotch, children are given a grid on screen, with each square containing a letter. The student moves around the grid collecting letters to correctly spell the high frequency word. Upon completion of the game teachers can access the student’s progress report to assess which words have been memorized, and which words are causing difficulties.

Spot On is an immersive game in which the child playing appears on screen with several cubes. Depending on the teacher’s chosen settings, the cubes contain either whole words or single letters. Students must spell out the scrambled high frequency word by placing the cubes in the correct order. This game tests students’ recognition of the words, as well as their ability to spell them. The teacher can also adjust the game to sentence mode, where students must place each word in the correct order to form a complete sentence. Thus, students practice their grammar and sentence building skills. Additionally, the student has to physically pick up each block and then place it in the correct position, thus promoting spatial awareness.

Check out the rest of the Kinems games online, and search for more resources by learning goal at https://academy.kinems.com/.

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