Drum Up those Memorization Skills with Drumory!

Audio-visual short term memory is crucial for academic performance, as it is an important part of executive functioning, both in the classroom and beyond. Drumory is a game that teachers will find themselves enjoying just as much as students! Its concept is simple, yet captivating. A set of four different colored pads are on screen, and when hit, each lights up with its own accompanying sound. A sequence is played on screen, and the student’s goal is to correctly replicate the pattern. Remember that old, classic Simon game you’d keep playing until the batteries burned out? Drumory is even better as it gets students on their feet, with adjustable settings that allow the use of the left, right, or both hands to play.

With practice and repetition, children can improve their memories and attention to detail. Drumory suits the needs of children of multiple ages because the sequence length can be adjusted from three to seven beats long. Research shows that the method of presenting children with something to recall greatly impacts whether or not they will remember successfully. It’s obvious that giving a child a series of colors to remember, and then asking him or her to repeat them back to you will be ineffective. Even just commanding the student to “remember” something is an inefficient way of training memory. Students are far more engaged during “play time” than they are during a lesson, which is why Drumory is the perfect solution to this problem. It does more than just present a list of colors; hitting the pad on the screen lights it up and plays a corresponding sound. This combination of physical, visual, and auditory stimuli keeps students engaged, and trains their memory retention without actually commanding them to remember.

Drumory also offers a fun challenge with its growing sequence mode. Each round successfully completed is followed by the addition of one more beat at the end of the sequence. As students learn to associate the color with its sound, the system tracks their progress by recording the number of correct responses, as well as their reaction time.This engaging game activates multiple senses, thus improving students’ memory retention capacity. The use of both hands to replicate the light and sound sequence trains audio visual memory, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time, all while the student is having fun! Head over to https://academy.kinems.com/games/drumory for more details and a video demonstrating the game.

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