Printable Educational Board Games for PreK-Grade 1 for ELA | “ABC and friends”

Playing educational board games with young children is an excellent way for them to learn foundational English Language Arts concepts like letter recognition and sounds.

Download the learning resources below and use them in the classrom or send them to parents to practice with their children at home!


ABC and Friends


There are three different resources here with delightful graphics and a box to assemble to keep the cards:


1) Alphabet Puzzles


This game offers a set of alphabet letters and corresponding objects that begin with the letter. These can be printed and used in multiple ways.

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This is a self-correcting puzzle game. There are four letters to a page. You can cut up each page into 4 and then cut each of the puzzle pieces into the two pieces that match. There is a capital letter on the left side of the puzzle piece and a lower case letter on the right. Each puzzle has a graphic item that begins with the letter. For example, there is a picture of a kite in the middle of the K puzzle piece.

  • Mix up the cut pieces and the child can match the pieces according to the graphic reinforcing the appropriate match.
  • Have them say the item and then the sound of the consonant or vowel that represents that image.


Download ABC and Friends 1


2) Alphabet Cards


In this game, you have both the capital and lowercase letter clearly marked on one card and the matching object or animal that begins with that letter on another card. Cut out both boxes along the lines.

activities,board games, ELA, ABC and friends, kindergarden, grade1, grade 2, grade 3

The cards can be used in multiple ways. They are a resource of brightly colored and large print capital and lowercase letters.

  • They can be shuffled and played like a regular card game. Take four cards in each player's hand and have a stack of the rest with a discard pile. Each player tries to make a match between the letter and the object that begins with that letter. Players take turns taking a card and discarding a card until a match is found. The first to have a match, wins.

  • You could also glue one letter and corresponding object on a larger piece of paper for the “letter of the day”. Look for pictures from magazines that start with the same letter. Glue them on the paper for a collage of items that represent the letter.


Download ABC and Friends 2


3) Alphabet Picture Cards


activities,board games, ELA, ABC and friends, kindergarden, grade1, grade 2, grade 3

Each card of this game provides the capital letter and an image of an object or animal that begins with that letter on the same small card.

  • You can cut them and use them as flash cards.
  • You can tape them on the wall in the child’s room.
  • You can use them to see which ones your child knows and which they need to learn.
  • You can use them one at a time as the letter/sound of the day.
  • You can use them as a game where your child has to find something else that starts with that letter.


Download ABC and Friends 3


Some games require cutting and preparation. The first page of each game has a little paragraph that explains the purpose of the game in simple English so it is easy for parents to understand the concept. On some games there is a little “box” to cut out and assemble to keep the cut up game items inside in order not to lose them.

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