Roll Up your Sleeves, Roll into Math!

With Woolly Strike, your students can practice their bilateral movements and their math skills at the same time! The student stands in front of the screen with her arms outstretched, parallel to the floor, as if holding a pole. On screen she is balancing a woolly ball on a stick as the frame scrolls up. The object of the game is to roll the ball towards the desired objects, while avoiding the incorrect ones and the obstacles. The woolly ball ascends up the screen with the student’s guidance until reaching the treehouse at the top.

For children that experience physical difficulties, OT/PT can be necessary in order to help improve their bilateral coordination. This coordinated movement of both sides of the body in a controlled manner is an indication of how well both sides of the brain are communicating. Just like math and ELA skills, such coordination is something that can be improved with practice.

Wooly Strike is designed for a wide age range of students, as its difficulty level is highly customizable. For younger students, or students focused primarily on the physical training the game offers, choose color mode. Under this setting the student’s goal is to collect objects of the correct color. By adjusting the game difficulty and the speed of screen movement, teachers and therapists customize the activity to each student’s individual needs. Once the student has completed the game, teachers and therapists have access to a detailed report on her performance through the Kinems platform. The system records how many correct and incorrect objects were collected, as well as the time lapsed. The report even provides an image of the generated obstacle course that the student played, showing the location and outcome of each response.

By selecting pattern or sequence mode, students are given a math rule to follow on screen. The rules start out simple, such as add or subtract two. The game progresses with the students in higher grade levels with more difficult rules involving multiplication and division. Like all of Kinems’ games, Woolly Strike conforms to Common Core standards. The screen speed can be adjusted from slow to fast, and the difficulty level from easy to challenging. Woolly Strike improves the student’s ability to recognize number patterns and sequences, as well as improves hand eye coordination and balancing skills.

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