Get Your Students in Shape: Geometry for the Brain, Exercises for the Body

Understanding the fundamentals of geometry is imperative for students as they progress onto more difficult math topics. It is the starting point for division, fractions, and graphing on a coordinate plane. Divvy Up is great for first through fourth graders, as it helps students practice drawing lines of symmetry and partitioning shapes into equal pieces.

Divvy Up has three game modes: partitioning into equal parts, partitioning into rows and columns, and drawing lines of symmetry. When students play the first mode, they are practicing their basic division skills, as well as recognizing areas of equal sizes. In rows and columns mode, students have the added element of differentiating between horizontal and vertical bisecting lines. In symmetry mode, students are presented with both regular and irregular shapes on which they must draw lines of symmetry. The game performs the fold test once a student’s response is submitted, showing the symmetry on screen.

Divvy Up doesn’t just help students practice their geometry skills. It also helps improve hand stability and visual perception as they connect dots across the screen. The side to side motion practices midline crossing, and the game can be configured to use either the left of right hand.

As with all Kinems games, the built-in progress monitoring system records all of the student’s responses, showing which areas have been mastered, and which require more practice. The reports show each shape with the student’s answer, allowing teachers to see if particular shapes are more difficult than others. With Divvy Up, your students will be shaped up in no time!

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