New research study about the improvement of the cognitive, motor and academic skills of students using Kinems learning games

2017 starts great for the Kinems scientific-research team.
A paper about the positive results from a research study with 20 children with multiple learning disabilities at two public elementary schools with IEP programs is published at the International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, Elsevier B.V.

Analysis of data gathered via pre- and post-test questionnaires, interviews and an in-depth study of kinetic and learning analytics showed that the Kinems Learning Games, which had been used, have a positive impact on children’s academic performance and improvement of their cognitive, motor and academic skills.

The paper can be found online:

Congratulations to the authors for a great piece of work and special thanks to teachers, students and parents for their collaboratio and support as well as the principals of the schools and the Institute of Educational Policy of the Greek Ministry of Education for allowing the study to take place.

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