Rounding Up the K-12 Ed Tech Trends in 2019...

Happy New Year with health, joy and prosperity! As there is no crystal ball to look into and find out what will happen in K-12 technology enhanced education in 2019, we rounded up the key K-12 ed tech trends which had been suggested by ed. tech researchers, bloggers/journalists, practitioners. Most of them agree that we will see more personalized, active, game-based or playful, immersive and data-driven instructional approaches in more secure educational settings. These “trendy” ed tech solutions are attempting to create motivating and engaging learning environments that offer highly positive learning experiences. Definitely we should expect fascinating services and products in 2019!

For the new year, Kinems being in line with these key trends, will continue to innovate via its playful immersive embodied learning platform for teachers to offer learning sessions that help children reach their full potential.

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