Kinems at the 11th Autism-Europe International Congress

We are delighted that the Kinems learning gaming approach will be presented at the 11th Autism-Europe International Congress, organised by The National Autistic Society in Edunburgh UK, 16-18 September 2016

Dr. Maria Kambouri Professor at UCL Institute of Education, University of London will present the positive finding from a research study entitled “Teachers exploring the potential of Kinems movement-based learning gaming platform in 2 SEN schools in UK”.

It was implemented with a sample of six (6) SEN teachers from the two (2) different residential SEN schools in London and seven (7) children (6 children in SchoolA and 5 teachers and 1 child and I teacher in SCB) with ages ranging from 6-19 ranging from High Functioning Autism (HFA) to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with Moderate Learning Disabilities (MLD).

The most prevalent finding that emerged regarding benefits for the students is that the children were really focused and motivated while playing. Children saw the whole process mostly as a fun activity, rather than a learning task. This can be seen both from teachers notes in the Kinems platform as well as from teachers’ statements during the final interviews such as
“The important thing is that once he came in here we managed to keep him in here, because if he was bored or not interested he would just walk out the room and there would be nothing we could do…”

Find below the poster representation.

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