Kinems meets your Standards, so you can meet State Standards

Here at Kinems we understand the dilemma that teachers face every day in the classroom: should we present information to students in a way that is meaningful to them, or do we just present it as it appears on standardized tests so that they perform well on paper? We know that teachers don’t like “teaching to the test”. But we also know that this may seem inevitable when these high stakes exams are used as a tool for holding teachers, schools, and districts accountable for student performance.

Studies show that having educational materials align to state standards uniformly helps students perform better on those standardized tests. It is for this reason that Kinems is following this trend, and we are making sure the content provided in our games aligns with these state guides. This does not mean sacrificing meaningful, interdisciplinary activities. Rather, Kinems games incorporate these specific state standards while still preserving the overall intention of teaching big picture concepts.

The challenge with meeting state standards is that the learning outcomes are specified, but the context in which students will face these problems, and the method for solving them, are not outlined. While teachers are given the “what”, they are left with unpacking the “how” and “why” on their own. This is where comes in.

On the Goals webpage, teachers are able to select their respective state and subject being taught, and are presented with a catalogue of requirements specifically for them. Each standard states the desired outcome, i.e. the “what”, along with the accompanying Kinems game that addresses this goal. By matching each standard with a relevant game, we help teachers answer the more challenging questions of “how” and “why”. Kinems games ask students questions in the same manner they will see them on standardized tests, and provide them with opportunities to practice the methods and strategies they learn in class. Beyond preparing students for these exams, they offer teachers more options to integrate into lesson plans. The games are specified in such a way that they help address gaps in students’ understanding by providing an abundance of practice problems in an interactive setting.

Here at Kinems, we know every educator has his and her own style of teaching. And while you may feel the need to “fit” into standardize tests, our goal is to be the perfect fit for your classroom. Check out for more information!

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