OT Approved Hands-On Activity Game to Boost Developmental Skills

Several occupational therapists (OTs) will tell you – there’s no such thing as a “typical” workday for them. Every day differs from other and it’s no surprise seeing the immense dedication and passion they exude when it comes to helping children in need.

A key part of their role is to create effective activities that can help their child grow successfully in all areas of occupation. For example, conducting exercises that can improve the child’s motor planning or core strength skills such as balance and posture. But what about trying a fun hands-on activity that follows established occupational therapy procedures in a gamified learning setting?

That’s where Kinems comes in! We’ve crafted a highly stimulating and engaging learning game called Do Like, which reinforces the efforts occupational therapists take to help kids advance in learning and skill development.

OTs can also easily keep track of their child’s developmental performance in real time within the Kinems gaming platform, as it captures and visualizes the data after each learning session.

Watch what children can experience while playing Do Like:

With Do Like, OTs can implement a playful and therapeutic learning session to help their kids improve on their gross motor skills, postural control, and balance. It’s the perfect add-on activity for strengthening programs too.

It also encourages children to imitate fun body movements and sustained positions made by a joyful avatar, which is also giving them instructions to follow. The best part - Do Like offers a collaborative and engaging learning session in which several kids can play at the same time!

Instead of having the class just watching and replicating the avatar’s movements, they can enjoy interacting with their friends and mimic one another’s moves as well. Teachers and therapists can also customize each session by choosing the postures and movements they’d like the child to perform based on their developmental needs.

So why wait any further? Get your kids moving and grooving with Do Like!

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