Proud to be part of the @NSVF Ignite Special Education cohort!

Kinems Inc is one of 15 ed tech companies awarded funding through the NewSchools Ignite Special Education Challenge. Being a cohort member, we are committed to create or expand an innovative ed tech product to help millions of students across the country who receive special education services achieve their most ambitious dreams. In addition to the funding, NewSchools will provide management assistance and create a community of practice for the cohort members.

alt At Kinems we believe that every child is special and different. We value the diverse nature of the school population and children with learning disabilities need additional support in their learning and developing motor skills as well as enhancing their executive functions and social skills.

Michael Boloudakis, Kinems CEO & co-founder says that “we want to ensure that through early intervention, teachers can design and enact an appropriate individualized education programme (IEP) via the Kinems movement-based interactive learning gaming platform with learning and kinetic analytics. Kinems transforms special education by bringing movement therapies, academic learning, precise personalization and progress tracking together in one seamless and engaging solution”.

“While it may sound obvious that students with disabilities need additional support, few ed tech tools exist to support this diverse group of students,” said Tonika Cheek Clayton, Managing Partner at NewSchools Venture Fund. “We believe ed tech tools have the potential to address many critical needs in special education. That’s why NewSchools Ignite is proud to invest in Kinems to develop engaging tools to reimagine special education learning.” More about the

About NewSchools

NewSchools Venture Fund is a national nonprofit that finds, funds and supports promising and innovative education entrepreneurs, teams of educators and education leaders. We help them accomplish their missions to achieve outstanding results for the schools, students and educators they serve. We are committed to helping students graduate high school prepared and inspired to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans. Through our investing, management assistance, network building, and thought leadership, NewSchools helps to reimagine K–12 education.

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