Set and Reach IEP Goals for Students in a Flash

Experienced Special Education teachers acknowledge the importance of preparing a proper Individualized Education Program (IEP) for their students with learning needs, as it’s the main action plan to follow in order for the child to reach academic achievement.

When it comes to delivering a suitable training session based on the child’s defined learning issues and common core state standards, most educators will say that it’s not an easy feat to attain. So how does an EdTech company like ours help schools and educators conquer their interventions to meet IEP goals and state standards?

We consistently amplify our educational gaming platform features to tackle the challenges and needs that we receive from teachers, occupational therapists and physical therapists. Many instructors ask us questions such as: “Can you provide a game that can help students boost their vocabulary skills and enrich memory?” or “How can our class practice on identifying fractions at a 2nd Grade Math level?”

Don’t sweat it! Our platform solves these issues in a flash by providing the following lifesaver functionalities:

• Ability for teachers to select a learning game based on the desired IEP goal, the subject (Math or English Language Arts), and the grade level (K-5) they’d like to focus on for the student

• Ability to adjust the game settings based on the skills the student should be progressing on such as – using more hand movement interactions or modifying the number of questions to be asked

• View an automated list of Kinems Learning games that are fit to train the child with based on the teacher’s selections

Watch how easily the Kinems platform allows educators to produce a tailored learning experience to meet the child’s needs here:

Our methodology is to provide turnkey solutions that make the daily grind of an educator run smoother and the student’s learning environment more engaging. We thrive in making our learning games a personal, memorable and joyful experience for children!

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