Three Active Learning Games that Help Children Master Fractions

Every year teachers encounter numerous expressions of confusion from their students when it comes to explaining fractions to them. We know that it’s a challenging learning concept for kids and educators take great efforts to implement solid training methods to get them to understand it.

The issue is - some children may feel overwhelmed by the abstraction of the fractions, misunderstand the reasoning behind it, and do not get enough hands-on practice to grasp the mathematical topic.

Well here’s how we can help! With Kinems’ groundbreaking learning games, educators can swiftly move past these fraction-teaching hurdles and wipe the fear off their children’s faces.

Here are three active learning Math games that we provide to help children tackle specific Math goals when it comes to fractions, as well as improve developmental skills:

All three games listed aid children to enhance their visual perception, bilateral coordination, concentration, and gross motor skills.

  • Tika Bubble in Action|Objective Covered: Fractions representation

    ➢ This multi-sensory picture card matching game helps children to understand the concept of fractions as numbers, recognize simple equivalent fractions, and how they are represented through lively visuals. The fractions, along with animated objects such as pies, are displayed in bubbles.

    ➢ The student is requested to choose the correct fraction and the corresponding image that represents the fraction by grabbing the bubbles with their hands and simultaneously move their hands and arms together to the center of a displayed totem pole.

  • Mathloons in Action |Objective Covered: Ability to practice mental calculation skills with the four basic mathematical operations, while using natural numbers and fractions

    ➢ This fun and interactive Math game helps students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with whole numbers and fractions that range up to 100.

    ➢ To answer the Math problems properly, the child is requested to hover their hand over the correct balloon and keep it steady for a few seconds in order for the balloon to pump up to the answer slot.

  • Ponder Up in Action |Objectives Covered: Comparing number values and quantities; ability to practice the concept of greater than, less than as well as determining odd and even numbers

    ➢ With this engaging movement-based game, children can enjoy practicing number and fraction comparisons through physical activities. Students can play as a joyful frog avatar on a lily pad to answer multiple math problems by moving their body in various ways. The child is asked to follow movement instructions to answer the questions correctly such as: “move side to side”, “jump”, and “get in the middle” of the pond.

All of our educational games cover K-5 Math goals and teachers can easily adjust the settings of each game based on the target goals for the child, as well as the difficulty level. Once the class practices fractions with our games, lessons will soon be a breeze and students will become more confident in taking on the mathematical problems.

Stay tuned for new Math games we have coming up that will cover word problems with fractions as well!

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