Valentine's Day Classroom Game-based Activities

alt Don’t you just “love” February? It’s a short month! We get time off to celebrate President’s Days and maybe even a mid-winter vacation! Best of all: Valentine’s Day!

It’s a great time to discuss emotions. Catch your students “caring” and “being kind”. In this post, we highlight some games and resources for celebrating the month of “love”!

Decompose numbers with Yummy Pairs Board Game

Click on Board games at the Kinems platform to find the Yummy Pairs Board Game. Download/print/cut out. Make several page 8 copies to use. Two additional games to play:

  • Find the hearts! Hide the cut-out hearts in the classroom and have students go on a “heart hunt” to gather as many as possible!! The student/team with the most hearts wins.

  • Who’s got the heart? One student covers their eyes while another hides the heart behind their back. Students pretend they have the heart behind their back. If guessed correctly after three guesses, student who had the heart takes over as the guesser.

Explore Emotions With The Over the Galaxy Game

Use the “Over the Galaxy Game” for your February theme of emotions. Emojis offer a visual representation of feelings. Students may better understand or express their feelings using emojis.
Students must recognise and capture the images that express specified emotions. Stimulate discussions about emotional intelligence. Use the printable feature in the game to capture the emotional faces on paper. Have students label the emotions. They can also draw them and make a story about the way they felt when they were sad, happy, angry, etc. You can find the game on the Executive functions > Emotional control > Identify feelings and emotions.


Valentine’s Day Construction Activity

In Board Games, find the Valentine’s Day Construction Activity: “Share the Love”. Print, cut, paste, color and personalize for friends and family! If you print enough copies, they can make one for everyone in their class. Every classmate gets one! Or they can take them home for family and friends.

Consider this our Valentine to you for everything you do for your students and for your own family and friends!


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