Printable Educational Board Game for Sorting | Marvy Learns: Christmas Edition

In the lead up to the winter holiday, your kids are probably tired and overexcited.

Are you looking for a festive game for kids to classify and sort objects associated with Christmas?

Marvy Learns is an ideal game for kids to learn logical thinking and build classification, language and critical thinking skills by sorting Christmas objects into Marvy boxes according to the category where they belong.


Have fun cutting and sorting the pictures, assembling boxes to place all the game pieces in and playing a unique board game where kids can categorize the objects.

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Encouraging active learning of any kind, either it be cutting, gluing, jumping or balancing, is a great way to help kids build fine and gross motor skills. All the benefits that movement-based learning can bring in or beyond the classroom, make it a very important element of the holistic educational Whole Child Approach.

Whether you are looking for printable board games, touchless learning games to utilize in the classroom or remote learning from home, students can practice math and ELA by using their whole body. Kinems offers a wide range of 'Whole Child' activities that promote children's development of motor skills, enabling them to reach their full potential!


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