4 Reasons Why Printable Resources are Essential for Young Children

Learning Resources are important elements of effective teaching strategies. They support students’ achievement by allowing them to review and comprehend knowledge that has been taught during the class. Printable materials, in particular, that are ready-to-use, are a great way for teachers to help students practice different skills and reinforce several concepts. This aids in the learning process by allowing the child to explore the knowledge independently, as well as providing repetition.

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Let’s take a look at the most important reasons why printable resources are essential for every class:


1. Shareable Material

Printable materials provide a unique advantage because they can be shared with students and their parents in order to have practice at home! Especially during remote or hybrid schedules, the materials provide a review of class concepts and add valuable new information when needed. They supplement live instruction and provide instructional materials for parents to use with their children.

2. Lesson Planning

Having a wide range of printable resources for each subject can be helpful in creating a structure for lesson planning and delivery of instruction. Especially in the lower grades, educational resources can serve as a guide for teachers, students, and parents. For example, if you are teaching math in first grade and you are planning to review counting every Monday, knowing that you have access to a game for counting up to 100 to give to students will take away pressure from you to create new resources. It will also equip your students with important and entertaining practice!

3. Fun Learning

Through “playfully” designed printable materials, learning takes a fun shape, and children enjoy it much more than just practicing with the traditional textbook activities. Young students have a highly receptive brain and tend to learn faster through experiential exercises. Board games encourage play and can be very effective. Teachers can use a different printable resource every day, so students can always experience a new activity and class will never be dull!

4. Part of a Holistic Educational Approach

These printable resources are also a key element of Kinems’ Whole Child Approach, which focuses on students’ holistic development. This educational approach combines 4 different learning styles represented in 4 “stations”. For example, in the “Individual Station”, students use printable materials in order to practice and develop their skills in various concepts of ELA and Math. These materials have different forms of activities, such as completing a function or a word, choosing the right answer, drawing, etc. Each one is relevant to a specific concept. In this way, the teacher is able to identify the level of understanding each student has developed on the subject, as well as provide the necessary interventions they see are required. As a result, educators can easily monitor students’ progress and help them reach their learning goals on time.

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