Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for some fun ways to teach patterning to young students?

This is the right place for you!

Developing patterning skills lays the foundation for kids to understand more advanced mathematical concepts in the future. Identifying visual or audio patterns, noticing similarities and differences and creating repeating patterns are important activities for developing those skills.

Below you can find some entertaining and effective patterning activities for Preschool or Pre-K classrooms that practice:

  • Generating a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule
  • Identifying and copying/repeating a simple pattern
  • Identifying simple patterns and choosing the next shape in the pattern
  • Completing a pattern
  • Finding the next item in an emerging pattern

Identify rhythmic motifs with The Melody Tree!

Practice recognizing and matching the same rhythmic motifs. Listen to the musical motifs and then choose the ones that match.
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Repeat the musical pattern with Drumory!

Practice your memory and patterning skills by repeating the given audio pattern. Listen to the musical pattern and repeat it on the imaginary drums.
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Recognize and follow the pattern with Space Motif!

Practice identifying and creating patterns of specific colors and shapes. Place the objects in the pipe in the correct order to continue the pattern.
Try it out! patterns, activities, Math, space motif, kindergarden

Identify the correct pattern with Yeti Jump!

Practice recognizing and continuing specific patterns. Choose the iceberg that correctly completes the given pattern.
Try it out! patterns, activities, Math, the melody tree, kindergarden

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