Printable Educational Board Game for Preschoolers & Kindergarten | “Marvy Learns”

Marvy Learns is an ideal game for kids to build classification, language, and critical thinking skills by sorting objects into Marvy boxes according to the category where they belong!

Download it and email it to parents to print and use at home with their children!

Download Marvy Learns Board Game

Here what is inside the game Marvy Learns:

  • The cover page provides a summary for the educational goal of sorting & categorizing.
  • Page 2 has one picture of a box, page 3 has two boxes, page 4 has three boxes and page 5 has four boxes.
  • The next two pages have small pictures of items to cut out and use for sorting.
  • The next two pages have names of items in colored font that can be cut up for sorting if the child can read (or you can read it for them).
  • The last page is a box to cut out and assemble/tape to store all the cut out game pieces

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How to play the game

  • Start with the items that can go together in one box. Use color as a way that things “belong together”. In the pictures, there are toys, animals, clothes, etc. available in picture form for sorting. Be sure to have your child name the category.
  • Use the two boxes to sort into two categories. Have your child name the way that the items belong together. Then try three boxes and finally four to sort the items cut out from the game.
  • There are two pages of words that can be sorted by the color of the font or by the category they represent. Use these if your child can read the words. Categories include occupations, food and names of shapes. If they can’t read yet, you can help by reading them and then having them use these word cards like flash cards for review.
  • Extend this game by cutting items from magazines or junk mail catalogs that come in. Cut out toys and food items and add them to the boxes for sorting.
  • Put all the game pieces on the table face down. Each player gets two boxes to fill with four pieces. Pick four pieces the way you play scrabble. Don’t show them to the other player (s). Lay down the pieces that go together. Put back a piece face down that you can’t use in order to get another picture item. When one box is filled with 4 items that belong together in some way, that player wins and play can begin again with all the pieces face down.
  • Cut an empty egg carton to make four or six cups for sorting. Use the cut out objects to sort into the egg carton.
  • Collect buttons, paper clips, washed pebbles, clean bottle caps from water and soda and use them to sort into the egg carton cups. Cut up a soft plastic bottle like a large clean milk bottle into small shapes like circles, triangles, squares, diamonds and polygons in order to sort by shape. Find some old scarfs, dish-towels or any kind of old fabric and cut small squares to sort by texture or color or both.
  • Go on a “hunt”. Pick an item from the cut outs. It can be a word or an object. Look around the house to find something that “belongs” with it. So if you picked a toy, then another toy will belong with it. If the object or word you picked is green and you find a plant, a t-shirt or socks that are green, you win! It can be just fun or it can be a competition!
  • Gather a bunch of small toys together on the table. They can be cars, dolls, Legos, blocks, etc. Sort these objects. For example, put all the cars together in one part of the table, all the blocks in another, or sort them by color. Put all the objects that are plastic together. Put all the objects that are wood together. Put all the objects that are metal together. Sort by whether they have wheels. Sort by size. Again, name the category.
  • Go into the drawer with silverware. Pull out forks, spoons, and sort by shape, size and design if you have different ones. Go to the pots and pans and sort them by size and color. Go to the food cabinet. Sort the cans of food by type of food, size of can, color of label, etc.
  • Go on a walk outside searching for things to sort. Leaves from trees and bushes are great to use. Twigs and pebbles are also terrific for sorting. See what you can find outside!

Download Marvy Learns Board Game

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