Thank you, teachers: Your expertise matters, now more than ever

To all Teachers: Today is your day! We want you to know how valued you are, not only to your students but to the community. Even when faced with an unprecedented situation like the COVID-19 outbreak, teachers across the world have made sure their students are safe and that they can keep learning.

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We celebrate teachers because they help to ensure essential learning. The closure of schools has deprived children and youth of opportunities for development and improvement. Its impact has been felt throughout society, especially by the most vulnerable.

Teachers had to modify their lessons to meet the needs of ALL students. For example, some teachers have utilized the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) which ensures instruction is more inclusive for all students. It calls for multiple means of engagements, representation, actions and expression and provides a flexible, responsive curriculum that reduces or eliminates barriers to learning.

Within the space of a few days, teachers transitioned from physical classrooms to a new world of online learning. Teachers are critical in the success of distance learning and have an indelible impact on our kids and our communities. They stepped up to support their students. They’ve been there for their students day after day, radiating support, reassurance and positivity. They managed to move into the unknown and, in this light, rose to the challenge.

Teachers have gone well and beyond and have adjusted to a new normal on the fly. Their positive mindset and adaptability helped their students in these challenging times. They found ways to connect with students and their families, even as they were trying to take care of themselves and their own families. Kids are learning empathy and compassion from teachers – a skill we are learning and practicing even more these days.

The crisis caused many challenges for teachers to stay connected – especially with their students. Through technology, teachers found creative ways to be united and engaged. Some have utilized effective teaching strategies to help them review and comprehend knowledge that has been taught during the on-line lesson, as well as help students practice different skills and reinforce several concepts.

When we look back at 2020, it will be remembered as the year we all learned to live life at a distance from each other but still continue to function as a society. What teachers are doing matters not just to their students today, but also for the future because their large-scale systemic change is making history.

Kinems celebrates teachers on this special day. We thank you for the important role that you play! Take care of yourselves. Thank you for being there!

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